northern-beaches-mapThere are still loads of beaches which I haven’t surfed in and around Sydney.

I can’t let all of them slip through my fingers so go on a safari to all the northern Beaches to see what the waves are like.

Sadly in a similar fashion to most of my East Coast surf opportunities during my time in Australia there is just no swell about.

It has been like this for months and all the Aussie surfers I have met have been lamenting what a poor run they have been on.

I visited Manly, Collaroy, Warriewood, Newport and Palm Beach looking for even a hint of a ripple. There is no joy anywhere though.

4pines logoI decide to combat my frustration with beer and am met in Manly by my old flat mate in London. Chris has caught the ferry from Sydney and I bring him up to speed on all my adventures and waves since we last caught up.

I only have a couple of beers from the local 4 Pines brewery before we head nearer to home, but it clearly affects me more than I realise because I drive straight through a red light on the sea front road at North Steyne. Thankfully without maiming any of the people returning home from the sand.

I shall divert attention from this dubious driving by commenting on how good the beer has been here in Australia. Like the USA I wasn’t expecting great things but have been impressed everywhere by all the good work done by micro breweries and some of the bigger players in the market too.

CurryChris and I join his wife Rachel for a curry in the Mosman area of Sydney. I haven’t had one in ages and it will do me no harm to get into the spirit of Asia before I head off there in a few days time.

I am convinced to crash on their sofa at the end of the night, in order to facilitate a dawn raid surf session the following morning. Thankfully a swell is supposed to be arriving.




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