German-flagAfter my surf session this morning I was very surprised to bump into Reiner and Uta in Pavones. They are the German couple I met several countries back at El Sunzal in El Salvador. I actually thought I had spotted Reiner yesterday but to the rest of town I looked like the village fool running and shouting at somebody who was in a world of their own oblivious to what was going on. As a consequence I figured it must be a doppelganger of his and gave up, but apparantly they have come down this way because their flights home go from here.

Like me they arrived on Monday and it turns out we have been living across the street from one another for three days without bumping into each other as we walked up and down the hill to our respective lodgings from the beach.

chardonnayI am spending so much time on my own it is a real treat to see faces I know, and it also gives me the excuse to enjoy some of the last of my wine which I have carried here all the way from the Napa valley. I also hand over some precious food supplies because unlike me they are stranded here without much cash, and have no opportunity to get more. I am heading off tomorrow and can restock if necessary then, wheras they are staying for a few weeks in Pavones.

Also because we failed to do so in El Salvador, we have enjoyed a dawnie surf session trying to beat the crowds which are unbelievable here. It seems like half of the USA and Canada has flown in over the last 24 hours. I actually saw three guys surfing one head high plus shoulder yesterday morning, all arguing as they went along about whose wave it was ! Seconds before the wave took all three out simultaneously and the whole lot went over the falls probably onto the rocks!




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