Koala 5After spending a few more hours cruising around New South Wales unsuccessfully trying to find a decent wave to surf we decide to head back to Lismore. Although Kathleen takes me to a Koala sanctuary on the way back and we spend half an hour spotting them in the eucalyptus trees there. Can you see it?

When we get back to the house I spend at least an hour winding up Peppi, because I feel that is obligatory. He loves it though and so much so that I understand that he is now missing me.

Charlotte 1As well as seeing Kathleen’s mother again, who I had met earlier in the week I also get to meet her daughter Charlotte who you see here. She is back at home after spending a week with her father.

We are all treated to a lovely curry by Kathleen’s mum before I am asked to read a bedtime story.

Horton Hears A WhoIt is a long time since I have done any narration but I quite enjoy working my way through ‘Horton Hears a Who’ by┬áDr Seuss.

I was never a book that I had come across myself.




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