Colourful preschool numbersHaving completed the journey I have been looking at what it took to get me from North Wales to North Wales via a beach or two.

This is a summary of some of the numbers involved:



  • 36 Plane Flights – most of which came with the opportunity to pay through the nose to practise my ding repair skills.
  • 3 Corrupt Policemen – all of whom got diddly squat from me
  • 60 Countries – visited, seen or time spent with the nationals
  • 3 Suspiciously large grey fish sighted adjacent to me in the water. I don’t want to know about what I didn’t see
  • 15 Cars driven – With the Little Green Surf Machine being my favourite.
  • 4 Mopeds treated to my personal brand of abuse
  • 9 Surfboards ridden – one of which is probably still making a baggage handler in Santiago, Chile a very happy man
  • 29 Boats – which ferried me, my surf boards and my vehicles to breaks worldwide
  • A large number of Hotels and Hostels – including a handful of questionable patronage
  • 2 Campervans
  • 12 Telephone Numbers
  • 32 Trains
  • 1 Tuk-Tuk
  • 5 Trams – in San Francisco and Hong Kong
  • 3 Oceans surfed
  • Countless new friends
  • 19 Buses – of which I don’t think one seat was designed with me in mind
  • Cost? I will admit I spent more than a pound and less than a billion, but won’t offer more than that.



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