Tyre DamageI give the car a once over to try and identify any issues before I head south of the border. Straight away I spot this massive gouge out of one of the tyres which must have been waiting to blow out. I dont remember curbing the car badly so have no idea how I managed that.

I try to change to the spare but find that there are locking nuts on the wheels but no adaptor to fit them. Doh!

Finally I test the oil only to find that the dip stick was dry. Oops! Thankfully I had bought some just in case.

Mexicali TyresSorting these things out, buying some new bolts for the wheels and some locks for the roof rack takes me most of the day, which is a pain but better now than half way down a dusty track in Mexico or further south.


Car FlowerI treat the bug to a new flower while I am sorting car issues, because the vase on the dash has been woefully empty sp far on this trip. It isĀ green daisy with the VW logo in the middle, and the colour should match at least one of the body panels.




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