Lily & Spyda 6I only have a week left in Australia and decide to have a few days off before preparing for the journey home. It is the last chance for me to to gorge myself on English speaking television before I return home, and I am joined on the sofa by Lily and Spyda whose company I have enjoyed so much whilst here. They follow my every move with interest too.

I do manage to get a few blog posts out of the way during this time, but I seem to be permanently in a state of backlog of late. Internet access has been an ever present problem since I started this trip and I can’t see that improving significantly in the last two months of my journey.

As a consequence I will make sure I catch up before I leave Australia, or at least in the first few days upon arriving in Japan where I am going next, or it might never happen.

Penny-blackI pack up all of my souvenirs since Tahiti and am amazed by the sheer quantity of stuff I have to send home.

I won’t tell you how much the postage cost but do find myself questioning whether it is worth the expense of sending things back to the UK.

I wonder if I should be putting the postage cost towards an investment such as a Penny Black. There probably would not be much difference between the two expenses!




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