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map-philippinesThe disaster in the Philippines is going on just across the South China Sea from where I am staying in Singapore at the bottom of the Malay peninsular.

The magnitude of the events has been brought home by Lily who helps Rick and Lou with the running of their household, as well as showing an iron to some of my clothes for the first time in their lives. Lily’s family come from the affected area and thankfully were unharmed during the initial onslaught.

combat-survival-kitHowever the relief required by all those affected is only just beginning so I have decided to hand over some of my own supplies to those in more need because she is putting a parcel together to send home.

I had put together a survival kit so that I would be prepared for the most extreme of conditions on this trip. I have managed to get this far without needing my wire saw, waterproof matches, water purification tablets, fishing hooks, pocket knife, etc. so have decided to pass them on to those who could certainly use them everyday right now.