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Wave 99 – Bombo, New South Wales, Australia

Bombo_040I drive north trying to find a surfable wave anywhere on the New South Wales coast. It is getting blown flat everywhere and the howling wind is also making driving in a straight line far more challenging than it should be.

After checking out a number of breaks I pull off the Pacific Highway at Bombo, where there is at least something showing. I get into the back of the van to have a cup of tea whilst pondering whether to go in, only to discover that my van which has developed a bit of a talent for opening my beer bottles whilst they are in the fridge, has done it once more. I have to take the board out to clean the van and mop up all the liquid, but whilst I am doing this the wind catches my board bag sending it cartwheeling down the tarmac car park.

Laura Marie & Denis_007Repairing the damage I am spitting feathers and turning the air blue by the time this trio of Belgians arrive in their own van, parking up next to me. They are touring Australia like myself, but given Denis is sharing such a small van that he has bought with his girlfriend Marie and her sister Laura I can’t decide if he is the luckiest man in town or just the most tolerant.

We get on well and do a bit of traveller’s bartering. I exchange a spare leash and some wax for their recent surfboard purchase in exchange for some wine, and they join me in my van to enjoy sitting around a table for a while. 

DCIM101GOPROWe all get locked into the car park at the beach overnight and spend an exceedingly windy stay in our vans.

I stuck around here hoping that the light winds in the morning would allow for a decent surf session. I wasn’t disappointed as you can see by this picture of me leaning on the early morning sun for balance.

DCIM101GOPROI am keen to put on a good show for my Belgian fan club, and don’t disappoint in the fun waves which at first I have to myself. I got off to a slow start but then bagged loads of great rides charging down the line working the waves from top to bottom.

When I get out I decide to sell the dive housing for my Gopro to Denis because he is going shark diving in a few weeks and struggling to get one for the older model we both own. I have only used mine once in a pool in Mexico and have to start lightening the load if I am going to avoid more obscene baggage charges on the way home. I am more interested in the shots above the water anyway, but will look forward to seeing his footage.

After I add my bulk to helping them push start their van we depart on our separate ways promising to keep in touch.