lostI made a complete mess of following the directions I had been given to the beach house in Chulamar, which resulted in me driving for about half an hour in the wrong direction. Using my solar navigation skills I didn’t think I was going in the right direction and kept asking locals if I was going the right way towards Chulamar. However I suspect hearing my awful Spanish was enough for most to just agree with anything I said so that they could carry on about their day regardless of accuracy, until I met a group of workmen at a crossroads who found my situation and Spanish very amusing. They did however point me in the right direction, which was back from whence I had come!

Unlike Guatemala City which has an eternal spring climate (albeit a hot one) it is unbelievably hot back at the coast and it got as high as 39.5C in the centre of Puerto San Jose when I drove through at 6pm. Thankfully it didn’t take me too long to find the house in Chulamar after that. I had to call the ambassador to get the security to allow me in, which is rather an excellent ace to have in your back pocket.

Pool 3The house was gorgeous and has a seaside and lighthouse theme throughout which I loved. However it was a bit strange staying there because I had such a huge and lovely place all to myself.

I had a great night’s sleep and the following morning the gardener who as already working at 7amcut me down two fresh coconuts which I had for breakfast. In exchange I made him a brew, but I told him and the cleaner/cook to have a day off because it was only me there.

Chulamar Beach 2I went to check out the surf potential, but the waves were about 1 foot and breaking right on the shore so I spent a day mostly swimming and sleeping in a hammock, with a liberal sprinkling of beer thrown in for good measure.

The wave crave is getting unbearable again!




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