work_stressAfter the latest round of days wasted sweltering in the heat trying to sort out the sort of crap IT problems I came on this trip to escape from, I have sorted another local SIM card for my phone.

The number should you want to ring or text me is +506-8498-0952.

Hopefully I can get on with having more fun for at least a few weeks now, but I’m not holding my breath because my phone and computer seem to just take it in turns to disappoint me, are now completely unwilling to communicate with one and other, which is just putting me in a bad mood all the time. It is too boring to detail but I came close to jacking in the blog a few days ago after having had enough of it.

(I’m not really expecting much in the way of sympathy on this by the way!)




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  1. Ses says:

    Feel ur IT pain….sodding technology!!! But ur right very little sympathy…..hope the waves and sun ease ur pain xx

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