I'm BackHowdy Folks.

My apologies for the extended radio silence but I have been having countless technical issues, which I am going to try not to moan about too much even if I must gripe a little.

However as a consequence of all the problems I am now nearly a month behind on my activities, so you will have to forgive me if there are a whole heap of posts hitting your inboxes over the next week as I try to catch up.

Shiny New ToysI sincerely wish I could tell you that having splashed out on some shiny new toys here in Sydney that all my woes were over. Sadly that is not the case.

I bought a new Windows 8 laptop and mobile phone in the hope that this should minimise potential issues because they would speak to each other easily. How wrong I was!

I am a Microsoft certified technician and I couldn’t work the damn things out for ages, even having to search online to see how I go about turning the laptop off! (How ridiculous is that!) After a few days of pain I strongly suspected the laptop had a corrupt installation and upon returning it to the shop discovered that it was indeed broken. Getting it replaced for another piece of hardware was easy enough but that meant a whole week of installations, registrations, downloading updates, configuration, transferring data, etc. had been wasted. Grrrr!

Windows 8Not impressed Microsoft and have to say that I am far from convinced by the merits of Windows 8 on both devices. I feel that I have just traded in my concerns with my old computer and phone only to have them replaced by newer shinier ones that I have no comprehension of at all. I was hoping for relief upon spending my cash but feel more stressed about technology now than I have at any point prior to this.

Moan over. Sorry I had to get it out of my system. Hope you enjoy the more entertaining posts and that the baffling operating system starts to make more sense to me the more I use it.




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