Since I have arrived in LA I am indeed drinking like a fish. I think that is because apart from the staff who are fantastic and a couple of great people I have met at the hostel, generlly it isn’t very friendly at all. Good mornings, etc are meet with a blank stare or a quickly averted gaze so I keep heading out looking for fun. Everybody is face down into their tech of choice.

The down side of this is that I am in the rich part of town (also the USA) so that isn’t cheap. I paid $11 for a beer the other day! Rather than go Down and Out in Beverley Hills like the frankly staggering amount of homeless people with mental health issues that are all over the place I think it is time to move on.

British Grub2I have to start thinking about crosing the border which has been looming large on the horizon for some time. My learn to speak Spanish CD isn’t going terribly well. I can say ‘Mi coche es viejo’, but one look at it will tell people I have an old car so I’m not sure how much help that will be. I have the genius of my ‘Point it’ picture book with me, which is hundreds of pictures so I can point to the Jack Daniels bottle and the coke bottle for example, or to the chicken, the rice and to vegetables. However I think it prudent to stock up on more British grub from the shop around the corner from the Hostel to make sure I dont go hungry for the lack of speaking Spanish.

BurlesqueIt is my last night in the Holywood end of town and I go out wanting a quiet beer. I sit down at the bar and am having a drink when all of a sudden a burlesque show was going on around me. It turns out the stunning compare, who was spilling out of her basque and lingerie came from Newcastle. I spent the evening chatting to her trying hard to look up the whole time. I am not aurę I was entirely successful! No pictures I’m afraid gents because it was forbidden, but lots of wonderful mental images for me. This is a shot from the Burlesque film which should give you the right idea.




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