Bridge of Light 1

It is my last night in town and I take a stroll into town from my campervan camp ground on the other side of the estuary.

This entails crossing this illuminated bridge, which is like something out of a Flash Gordon movie.

I think it is great but the fisherman trying to catch something out of the water below are less impressed by the racket I am making as I stride across.

My hearty “Good evenings” only merit more comments that I am scaring the fish off so I keep moving. 

Three Wise Monkeys 2We have decided to go for a few drinks with pizza, and I meet up with Anna and another surfer called Sam who we saw in the water earlier in the day.

It is a lovely evening and we have some great food but everybody is tired and I’m the only one for whom it isn’t a school night so we turn in early.

In the morning there is just enough time for Anna and I to enjoy a coffee together before big hugs all round and saying farewell once more.

Time to hit the road again. I’m heading south.




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