Flying Lizard 1After my encounter with the local snake I have been paying particular attention to the wildlife on the island I am staying on.

Whilst walking down the path the other day the bright yellow throat of a lizard on a tree caught my eye.

There was a number of them and they were no bigger than your average gecko.

Flying Lizard 2However these ones have a little trick up their sleeves, or more specifically hidden under their body.

As I got nearer to take a photograph it ran up towards the top of the coconut tree and then launched itself towards the next one producing a set of wings that it uses to glide the distance between them.

Batman CapeIt is quite impressive and reminds me of Batman’s cape.

However no vigilante crime fighting is on the cards here. I am guessing that it is just a skill learned over time to avoid walking on the jungle floor and the other things that live there.




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