ParadeOn the road from Heaven on the Planet to my next destination we got delayed for ages by this procession which went on for miles.

My driver’s English wasn’t good and I have nothing more than a smile in Indonesian so haven’t got a clue what it was about but there were thousands of people involved.

WP_20130825_100After a couple of hours on the road I arrive in Kuta Lombok which very different from Kuta Bali. It is much more mellow.

I am actually staying at the Novatel hotel here, which could easily be a honeymooners paradise, but having heard another guest say how much it resembles the town of Bedrock from the Flintstones I can no longer take it seriously.

LombokThe next day I hire a scooter and go exploring the island so that I can suss out the breaks before trying to get there with my board.

Apart from the resorts it is still very agricultural all over the island and a delight to whizz around on two wheels whilst getting lost and bumping along some of the less well maintained roads.

WP_20130826_034However my adventures for the day come to an abrupt end when I managed to put a hole in one of the inner tubes big enough to put my fist through.

There are so many pot holes on the way to Grupuk and I obviously hit one of them a bit too quickly. I am stranded at the side of the road for a short while but summon help from the hotel fairly easily and am mobile again after a pit stop at a scooter mechanic at the side of the road who worked so quickly the Formula 1 teams ought to get in touch.





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