Bird Shit BorderHaving successfully traversed the lagoon with the car in a rowing boat I head for the border.

It doesn’t take long but hot doesn’t really cover it. The thermometer in the car was registering 46C at one stage.

I also saw this car which the local birds have clearly taken a disliking to.

El SalvadorI haven’t done much surfing in Guatemala but have had a great deal of fun anyway.

Getting across the border into El Salvador is the usual painful experience of hawkers, paperwork and queueing.

I got ambushed by one hawker 10 miles out who was on a motorbike riding alongside me trying to get money for assisting me through the border, and then had a bit of a sense of humour failure in the customs after being blanked for an hour at the front of the queue (not even a hello!) only for a lady who looked like a dead heat in a Zeppelin race to get served upon arrival. However I was served next and it is behind me now.

WRUPS Congratulations to Wales on a great win in Cardiff. Now bring on the Aussies in the summer!




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