Gorman's 1After our Turners Beach session we decide to stay in Yamba at the caravan park right in the middle of town.

The owners recommend an eccentric restaurant right alongside the towns harbour. It is called Gorman’s and specialises in seafood.

LesThe decor is styled on Tarzan’s house and the operation seems to be run by one lady who greets and serves all the customers.

Throughout the meal we are also serenaded by Les who sings along to his electric organ playing. It is the first time I have listened to an eighty six year old sing ‘Bad Moon Rising’ whilst eating seafood chowder and I suspect it might also be the last!

Dinner for Two

The two of us have a lovely evening there though and the eccentricity just adds to what was a great meal.

Our sparkling conversation is compounded by the fireworks served with our desserts that dropped bits of incendiaries onto the plates, making the cheesecake I ordered a tad crunchier than I had expected.

They got us to pose for a photo before we left and returned to curl up in the campervan.




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