Gulfo Dulce

Golfo_DulceA bit more explanation about the area I am staying in.

Gulfo Dulce is the inlet you can see here and the Panamanian border is along the right of this picture.

Pavones is at the entrance to the gulf on the right hand side. The swell hits from the south and the waves just wrap around the coast into the inlet.

There are a number of great rights across the other side of the entrance, which I would like to be surfing but I was told to avoid the road to then, although how it could be worse that the mission to Pavones I don’t know. You can also get a panga boat across but it is $150 to do so and I cant justify that expense just for a wave. Despite this trip I do have limits!

skintHowever I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to share the expense with a few other natural foot surfers keen to score more rights, because I am almost completely out of cash having used my emergency supply to pay for everything because there isn’t an ATM anywhere near here, and I have no intention on covering any road around here more than I absolutely need to.

Shame. I guess I will just have to make do with the 2km Pavones lefts!




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