Just My Luck

no-vacanciesMy gorgeous cabin at the Riviera was only available for two nights because the word is out that a great swell is on its way and people have been phoning ahead to book accommodation. I want to stick around for the first day or so of the swell so had to go around town trying to find a new place to call home.

However almost everywhere is fully booked because this isn’t the biggest place in the world.

As a result I was thinking I might have to sleep in the car which would be awful in this heat or worse still have to move on just as the swell was arriving and miss it completely.

women onlyOne of the locals helped me out though and don’t ask me how I have managed this, because I don’t really understand myself, but I have managed to get the last room in the women only hostel. Either my man boobs have got way worse than I am willing to believe they are, or the bloke who runs it just took pity on me.

Either way wish me luck I’m going in. Some days you have bad days and others not so much…




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  1. Neil Stafford says:

    Hmm…only you! 🙂

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