WP_20131017_058Not far from Bruce Lee’s house in Kowloon I spotted this Liverpool Football Club themed kindergarten. I know the Premier League clubs are always looking to nurture young talent, but I fear a Kindergarten may be taking things a ┬ábit far.

As a consequence I am hoping this has been set up by an ardent fan who just suffers from a limited imagination.

Temple-Market-2As I walked back down the hill towards the harbour my path took me through the night markets which spring up all around temple Street

I am sure you could pick up just about anything you might want as well as plenty of thing you probably never will desire too whilst shopping here. Lots of fun to wander through the market though.

WP_20131017_089The priceless experience however is seeing Hong Kong Island from Kowloon after nightfall.

The skyline is magnificent and so many of the buildings have had light shows added to their standard construction it actually compares with Las Vegas in its extravagance.




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