Steven and Lisa 1I am up early to meet up with Lisa and Steve. Both have been surfing for years with Steve having done so for more than 50!

However it is Lisa’s birthday and we are following her recommendation to try a surf break she surfed some 17 years ago.

HeraldoWe drive to the lagoon where Lisa, as the only real Spanish speaker, haggles like a champion to secure us a little boat to take us across the Chacahua lagoons to the break.

Our captain for this journey is Heraldo, who you see pictured here.

Saltwater CrocodileHeraldo helps us to spot all th local wildlife including some of the many¬†saltwater crocodiles which are in the lagoon. We dont actually get as close as this picture would suggest because they drop out of sight when you get close by, and because these remnants of the dinosaur era are¬†the largest of all living reptiles are quite agressive and have lots of teeth I’m not too keen on putting my gopro or indeed my hand over the side of the little boat!

Board on the noseThe route to the beach is staggeringly pretty with so many beautiful birds living on the lagoon or in the Mangrove Swamps which we have to navigate our way through to get to the beach.

This is turning into a proper surf safari!




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