The Toledo Show3I went to a great club last night at the end of a fun drinking session with an Australian helicopter pilot I met called Brett. The club is called Harvelles and the arist is known as The Toledo Show who was absoultely brilliant. Check it out:

Had a great time and wandered back to the hostel on my own looking for a late night burger. I was walking down the pedestrian high street at about 1am and it was largely deserted. I was somewhat surprised however to stumble across a couple both with their trousers around their ankles, and the lady’s top up around her neck going at it like animals in a recessed shop doorway.  I cheered them on but also pointed out that there are better places for it. Sadly it would appear the bloke doesn’t perform well in front of crowds and he got stagefright at this point rather killing the moment for them. She then made a right mess of scrambling back into her clothes falling into the street, rolling about on the floor. All of which amuses me immensely.

Late night action in more ways than one.




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