The LawBoth my hosts in Sydney are lawyers and they run a successful practise specialising in family and employment law north of Sydney in Newport.

I am told that a regular treat for them and their staff is to go for a wonderful meal together, and I am lucky enough to be invited to join them all for a thank you lunch for one of their secretaries who is moving on.

Judge DreddI know a little bit about the law but really the extent of my own experience barely goes beyond reading the exploits of Judge Dredd in the 2000ad comic.

(As an aside on this I bought a great book at Universal Studios in Hollywood, which is a combination of all the stories written which combine Batman and Judge Dredd. it has been posted home but I can’t wait to read ‘Judgement on Gotham’ and others!)


Given this well versed history I was a little nervous that I may be out gunned on the conversation, but I needn’t have worried because everybody was so relaxed. We were at The Tilbury in Woolloomooloo where I couldn’t fault anything. The food, wine and service were all impeccable.

Bit by bit everybody fell by the way side but I had friends still in town so walked up over The Domain to Circular Quay. (Sadly I got soaked in the process due to my raincoat still not having arrived!) I had a great evening with my old flat mate Chris and his wife Rachel who I also know well, which ended in a fantastic Prohibition themed bar in some basement just off George street. Based on how the afternoon had started I felt ready for any raid by the police.




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