moorea-islandI have hired another car and the first thing I do with it is catch the catamaran ferry over to Mo’orea. It is only half an hour away on the boat and the management of the crossing is really efficient so it is painless too.

Tahiti and Hawaii are gorgeous but Mo’orea is as close to paradise as I have ever seen. Every corner you turn around produces a vista even more pretty than the last. Nothing I say will do it justice, but here are a few snaps to give you an idea:

Beautiful Moorea 2 Beautiful Moorea 1 Beautiful Moorea 4 Beautiful Moorea 3






Moorea Sunset

With finding a board and lots of driving around it has been a trying day and I opt for a room at the Mo’orea Surf B&B largely due to the sunset which is happening when I am scouring round for a place to stay for a couple of nights.

As well as an adorable puppy that lives at the B&B there were also some friendly people staying from Canada, Switzerland and Brazil and it was good to have some company for a while. However there was no electricity in my bungalow which is just an aggravation, because blogs camera, phones, are pretty useless without it, and the surf taxi to the local break was also not going to be available tomorrow so I will push on in the morning.

I am in paradise however so rather than get worked up once more about the never ending frustrations I abandon posting anything (which is why I am now so far behind!) and just soak it all up. I really can’t recommend this island enough.




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