I am getting restless having been sitting around for as long as ten days, and it is even longer since I saw a surfable wave.

The customs processĀ is out of my hands though so I just have to be patient, which is not really my greatest attribute.

It does not help that after a week of bite free sanctuary in the air-conditioned luxury of the Hotel Milan I am now getting savaged by the local mosquito population. I wake up every day feeling like somebody has poured acid on my ankles! It is killing me.Heat

I also haven’t been moaning about the heat of late, but don’t think that it has stopped being oppressive. The lowest it has got here is 32C, but there is generally a breeze which makes it tolerable.

It is much beter than the mercury pushing 50C as it was in the car on many occasions while I was driving south, butĀ if you go for a walk, you inevitably seek the shade after about 20 minutes because the heat just saps the energy from you.

I also don’t have the sea to cool me down, so my wave crave is building all the time.




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