Motel 6

Motel Room Door2I have booked into a motel for a few nights because I want to be able to get the little green surf machine prepped for the journey south. I need to completely empty it and then start again from scratch so finding a place that I can park this near my room is awesome.

Motel 6 is a very reasonably priced chain and I may use them again because I need to get into a security focused regime to minimise issues as I cross the border. If I am not sleeping in the car I must bring the board inside every night as well as everything that is not in the boot.



Motel 6 Room2I am staggered at how much stuff I have collected already and somewhow I need to squeeze all this into the bug without anything of value being on display for the next few months. It will be like a giant version of tetris, but I like a challenge.





2 Responses to “Motel 6”

  1. Matt m says:

    I think you are safe to leave the 5lr oil bottle in the car…..

  2. Neil Stafford says:

    At a quick glance Matt I thought he’d bought a guitar but I think it’s a folding suitcase! 🙂

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