Calle UruguayThis is a picture of Calle Uruguay taken during the day time. Looking at it you might find it hard to imagine anybody having fun there, but at night the place is transformed and the streets are lined with people queueing to get into the many establishments which were all deserted when I took this picture.

AJ Club 2I had eventually sobered up after the previous night’s lunacy, so Robert and I once more headed down this way to see what mischief we could find the following evening.

This was the nightclub where we had met our knee drilling cage fighter, and we opted not to dive in there preferring to try something else instead.

AsheThis disco is across the road from Prive where we had been the night before and we had seen loads of people piling in here, so thought we would give it a try.

Straight away I was struck by how many pretty girls were in there, and the two of us thought we had hit the jackpot because of the amount of attention we were getting. To say that there was a lot of beautiful women in there is like saying there is a lot of water in an ocean, however it soon became clear that just about every one of them was from Colombia and they were all ladies of the night.

Colombian SmileThe ratio of Colombian hookers to men was something like ten to one and they spend the entire night’s work walking round, smiling at and then stroking any man who comes in and shows a modicum of interest. I don’t have any interest in buying some company, but Robert and I had a fun evening in there chatting at a great table we had bagged, making short work of plenty of drinks whilst enjoying all the smiles being sent our way by the beautiful women.

I hope I sell my car soon because this place is worse than Las Vegas. (Or better depending on your perspective.) Sin City doesn’t come close to covering it, and I need to move on before boredom gets the better of me.




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