teethI paid a visit to my old stomping ground to catch up with loads of friends. Worryingly this also allowed a visit to my dentist, who upon arrival I discover I have not seen for eighteen months.

It is rarely a pleasant experience, but I was relieved to be given a clean bill of health. It would appear that the questionable diet I have been getting by on for much of the last year has not had a detrimental effect. My cheesy grin is safe for now!

WP_20131202_005Honor Oak Mansions that you see here was my home for twelve years prior to beaches worldwide. I had a great evening with all my former neighbours and an old school friend.

There has been a mini exodus from the block since I left, but I discovered that nothing has really changed while I have been away. It did feel a bit weird though not going back there at the end of the evening in East Dulwich, and knowing that somebody else was living in the flat that was my home for so long.

Back To WorkWhilst in London I also caught up with some of my family and a group of my surfing buddies who were keen to hear about my exploits at breaks around the world.

Being the United Kingdom all the above entailed drinking plenty of alcohol, and I am not sure what my liver has done over the last year to deserve such punishment.

Even an unexpected but welcome opportunity to join an employment networking event ended up in the pub and it soon felt like I had never been away. Although getting clean shaven and wearing a suit for the first time since the British Ball in Guatemala was a bit of a shock to the system. I had grown quite fond of my hairy face and was sorry to see it go.




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