Silver ShotgunNo, I haven’t bought one before you ask. Although with the gun controls, and I use that term loosely, I could have done so over the counter in a supermarket in the USA.

The Gucci surf pad in Chulamar was bereft of supplies upon my arrival in the dark, so I needed to go shopping. The security people at thee compound insisted that a guard walk with me the two hundred metres in the dark to the shop. This resulted in the unusual situation of me stood in line for the shop trying to explain that I want whole milk to the man behind the counter, all the while with a bloke, who is 4’10” at best, stood right behind me with a silver pump action shotgun, which must have been over three feet long, brandishing it with menace at everybody else in the queue. Definitely a first!

SurrenderThere are plenty of armed guards all over Guatemala, and I came a little bit close for comfort to getting taken out by friendly fire two days later, when I somehow managed to sneak up on another guard without him noticing despite me wearing flip flops. When I appeared out of the darkness suddenly he made a sudden lunge for his shotgun. Fortunately his quick draw is not a quick as me yelling “Amigo, amigo, AMIGO!!!!” so I lived to write this update.




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