Aerial IslandFor the rest of my time in Fiji I am staying at Sonaisali. It is a private resort on the island of Naisali a few hundred metres off the western coast of Viti Levu.

Two thirds of the island is Mangrove swamp and the rest is utilised by this exclusive holiday destination.

WP_20130916_012Thanks to the Surf Travel Company back in Australia I have a fantastic room waiting for me there.

Apart from choosing which of the double beds in my room I will sleep in each night, I am particularly impressed with having my own bath. I haven’t been able to have a long soak in about ten months, and that it is sufficiently big that I can wallow in it for ages without causing a Tsunami like moment in the room downstairs is an added bonus.

Pool BarI am on a deal in which all my meals are included. Most are enjoyed in the restaurant looking out over the pool.

The food is fantastic and there is always so much to eat. As if the three huge meals per day were not enough, I can also enjoy afternoon tea every day should I so desire.

WP_20130919_056My bar tab is my own problem though and this picture of me taken one evening by the pool bar, enjoying the fantastic sunsets that occur on this western facing coast was taken before it caught up on me.

More on that to follow.

WP_20130919_059In addition to extorting more money from me for wanting to take advantage of the slow internet access that is only available in the lobby, the gift shop in the resort also sells these dolls.

They are based on the locals, who put on shows every night in the resort dressed in similar traditional outfits.

Should they be offensive or not? I can’t decide. Fiji is so laid back I don’t think they would think it at all patronising, but I don’t think carrying one on a bus in Peckham would be wise.




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