OaxacaOr heading Eastward to be precise. I have done little more than drive all day again today but am past Salina Cruz ending it near the state border with Chiapas, and a few pesos lighter due to the toll roads.

I got completely lost in Purto Angel because a road sign at 45 degrees to the crossroad said all three directions other than the one I had just come from was one road! As a result I rolled into the nearby town unnecessarily with Saturday Night Fever blaring out my stereo, getting no end of strange looks in the process.

Lost TownTrying to shortcut my way back to the coast road resulted in me driving around ridiculously tight and twisting back streets in the town in the middle of the day, reversing back along many dead ends and getting very hot and bothered in the process. I also nearly got the car stuck on a pointless speed bump on a high and blind corner of a road that was barely wider than my little car. So much so that the car was nearly see-sawing across the top of it at one point!

The two beaches I hoped to surf on my way past were no good at all so I didn’t stay at either for more than about 2 minutes despite taking a round trip of at least half an hour to both to and from the main road.

Wind Farm9The only other thing of merit was driving through the largest wind farm I have ever seen. They are not everybody’s cup of tea but I think they are really graceful and to me they didn’t look too out of place where they were situated.

map chiapasI only have Chiapas state left before the border now and think I should be able to get across that easily tomorrow.

As you can see it is a straight road, but this section of coast is so sheltered from the storms of the North Pacific, which is where the waves are being generated at this time of year, that I think it unlikely I will be getting another Mexican wave.





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