Sports Fans

Sport BillyWhilst taking it easy for a few days in Sydney my attempts at addressing all the technical issues I am having have been easily distracted by all the sport going on at the moment.

Apart from the British and Irish Lions tour, there is so much going on that I think even Sport Billy would have struggled to keep up! 

It is well known that Australians are massive sports fans and  it seems like there are huge matches going on almost every day.

Australia vs IraqWith Adam, Rosanna and Rosanna’s son Romy I watch Australia defeat Iraq 1-0 in a play off to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

There are Australian Rules Football matches going on almost every night. I used to watch some of the coverage back home when channel 4 first started broadcasting so must catch a game while I am here, although I understand the MCG in Melbourne may be the best place for that

State of OriginI am not entirely sure that the Lions is the biggest rugby series going on here at the moment either because the annual 3 game State of Origin series of rugby league matches is also being played. An all star team of those born in New South Wales plays and all star team of those born in Queensland and the Maroons are on a 7 year winning streak.

I still have the rest of Wimbledon to watch and the Ashes cricket matches are still to come too!






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