Scratching For The HorizonHaving been back in the UK for a few weeks now I keep getting asked the same questions so thought I would answer them here:

Biggest Waves? That I was in the water with – Santa Catalina in Panama which is pictured here. That I saw surfed – Tea’hupoo in French Polynesia, which was probably more scary even watching it from the boats. I was in the boat behind the camera filming this footage, so you can see why!

Dolphin 2My Best Surf Session? Ha’apiti on Mo’orea. I knew it then and I know it now. Surfing will never get better than that.

Where were the friendliest people? I was very lucky that during the whole of my trip I only encountered one moron in the water.

Most people that I met were brilliant, but I would have to say that Fijians and Indonesians seemed happiest.

Is-there-a-speed-limitCraziest Drivers? Insanity seemed to be common in Guatemalan and Sri Lankan bus drivers, Vietnamese scooter riders, Nicaraguan car drivers and arguably myself in camper-vans because I kept getting speeding tickets

Where I would most like to visit again? The beaches of California, but during the summer next time to enjoy it all in the sunshine.

Mrs PearsonPrettiest Girls? The ladies of Peru and Colombia seemed to be stunning by default, but I will always remember a young lady I was surfing with on the North Shore of Oahu who was just perfect.

Best Wildlife? Australia had the most brushes with nature but for variation the islands of Indonesia were unbeatable

Most Impressive Surfing? Watching the pros at the top of their game at the 2012 Pipe Masters, although the surfing I witnessed at G-Land was also off the charts.

Sea-TurtleFavourite Animal? I want to say dolphins because I surfed with so many over the year, but they were so hard to get on camera. As a result I will opt for turtles which I saw on my first and last sessions of the trip and during many more in between.

If there are any other questions you would like answered please don’t hesitate to ask.




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