thank-youJust before I wrap everything up I must thank a few people for their help.

Firstly to Neil & Pete at KTS Publishing Direct without whom this blog simply wouldn’t have taken place, and who have been on the sharp end of my moaning about technical woes throughout my adventures. Always patient and willing to listen.

Next I must thank those who invited me into their homes and gave me shelter. Accommodation was by far my biggest expense so any opportunity for a free bed was always welcome. Thank you so much Dom, Lisa and Steve, Kevin, H.M. Government through Sarah and Phil, Roddy and Sarah, Adam and Rossana, Kathleen and Charlotte, Emma and Richard, Rick and Lou, Adam and Helen, Justin and Vicky, and finally to Clem and Hannah.

Travel-AgencyOn my way around the planet I called in on so many other old friends who were excellent company both in and out of the water. Too many to list here but you know who you are, and all were a welcome respite to life spent largely on my own. In a similar vein I must also say hi to all the new friends I made.

I must not forget to thank both Nia at Orme Travel and Kim at The Surf Travel Company, who helped me to keep my trip in the road and squeeze as much as I could into the last twelve months. Both have become good friends and regularly offered salient advice.

Websites readersIt may sound odd, but I must also thank all of you who have been reading about my adventures. There have been nearly 70,000 visits to the website through the year and knowing that so many people had taken an interest regularly encouraged me to go out and find something interesting to do before writing about it.

Finally to an uncalculable number I must be grateful for the kindness of strangers that was shown to me. Almost every day people would help me out despite language barriers and without looking to be rewarded. It frequently turned my frown upside down.





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