As a teenager I used to listen to quite a lot of music by the Jimi Hendrix Exprience, and remember with particular fondness the John Peel Sessions E.P.

The music of Jimi, Mitch Miller and Noel Redding just ticked the right boxes at the time.

It is currently the Saturday afternoon after my rather crazy night out in Panama City and rather annoyingly I¬†was woken at 11am this morning by Panama’s unique interpretation of this trio despite having only made it to bed some time around 7am.

The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceThe sexagenarian version I am being treated to have considerable less hair than their pychedelic counterparts but have been making the most unbelievable racket for nearly four hours now singing at the top of their lungs and butchering many classic tracks from bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It is killing me.

After the excesses of last night I have a banging head today and somewhat ironically have had to ask the guys who are all old enough to be my dad to calm it down a bit. After four hours I just couldn’t take any more, and I swear that if they dont heed my request soon I am going to go upstairs and get my ukulele, bring it down and beat someone to death with it!!!!




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