With the sort of timing I am not normally known for I am going to be escaping Panama just as the rainy season begins.

For the next five or six months it is going to tip it down every day. Not your British drizzle but full on bucketing down for about an hour.

I can’t say I am too disappointed to be missing that!

Rainy Season 4

Yesterday seems to have been the first day of the rainy season, which is actually late this year.

There was thunder, lightning and rain like I have not seen in a long time. You might not be able to make out the rain in the picture but you can certainly see the splashes. I almost got my surfboard out! 

Rainy RoadThe rain did make the trip to the airport today a bit miserable, but I have arrived intact.

Now I am just waiting for my flight and will shortly be on my way.

Two continents down, three to go! Wooo-hooo!




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