Road to Santa Cruz 2

I had to an awful lot of driving along dirt roads today at times wondering if it was the right move in the car.

This loose shale surface kicks up so much dust which means you get a lung full every time a car passes. The road you se here is flat but the coast road towards Cobano was at times really steep so it is necessary to stop at the bottom, try to pick a line less bumpy than the rest and just gun the car as fast as you can to make it up the hill.

Peninsular de Nicoya 2The view was at times spectacular, and thankfully the further down the Nicoya Peninsula you go the wind which has been howling for days subsided.

I rolled into Mal Pais in a car that looked like somebody had sprinkled a bag of cement over it and then tried to ring the British run hostel I had selected to get directions. Of course my phone doesn’t work when I need it, so I am then stuck on the main road between Playa Carmen and Playa Santa Theresa just as all the locals are heading home from a day at the beach. There is so much dust being kicked up it is at times choking. Not big on patience after another day in the heat I drive around in the darkeness but eventually find it. There are loads of great people there upon arrival so it is time for a few beers me thinks.




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