Deafening SilenceApologies for the radio silence but nothing much has happened to update you about. I am still trying to sell the car and am getting a great deal of interest in it, but nobody has bitten yet.

I have also been doing my own share of self publicity driving it around the city with the ‘for sale’ signs on display, as well as trying to find interested buyers.

pot-hole-road-hazardOn one such journey I was following a motorcycle down the road. The rider went into a pot hole right in front of me and never came out!

I swerved to one side to avoid following him in and peered over the precipice to my right to see if he was ok. Alhough somewhat dazed and a bit confused by what ha just happened he seemed to be ok so I helped him get his bike back upright and out of the hole. In true biker style however he was back on his way in seconds.




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