MoronNote To Self

If you are going to carry a hundred weight of guide books across the world it is probably a good idea to at least flick through them before you enter the relevant country.

To drive a US car through Mexico you need 3 things:

  • A Tourist card, which is your ID whilst here
  • A Temporary Importation Permit.
  • A Bond to stop you selling the car

Driving south today I get to a major checkpoint and am asked for papers. I dont have them so am sent all the way back to the border to sort these. That was a full tank of fuel wasted, three hours queueing to get back into the US doing a u-turn at the first junction in California then joining the back of a two hour queue to get back in. At customs I am told I didn’t have to come over the border at all, but have to go to a small office in the back of beyond in Tijuana. (There would have no way of knowing this without having crossed the border though.)

Estero Hotel Room 6It takes me an hour to find it and then another one to sort the paperwork out. Huge dose of Deja Vu driving all the way back to Ensenada. To rub the salt in it is a gloriously sunny day and the surf looks fantastic both times I drive past before  arriving again just as it is getting dark. However I make a better job of finding a place to stay as you can see, even if it was a bit more expensive.

WRUWifi allows the blog updates and for me to catch up on the BBC website.

Seeing that the Welsh rugby team has finally won a match, and away in Paris to boot is the silver lining I am clinging to on this very cloudy day!

I might actually get to go surfing tomorrow.

Estero Hotel Pool 2There is a hotel bar here which takes the edge of the day, and allows me to mingle with other people and have a few chats at the bar.

On the way back to my room after a few beers I enjoy a little chuckle that somebody has rock and roll’d the pool, which is right outside my bedroom.




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