Tower Blocks

City 2Panama is a city which is almost exploding upwards towards the sky. I understand that the skyline has changed dramatically in the last 15 to 20 years and the number of people living here continues to grow because of the ever growing trade market and retirees are embraced with open arms from around the world.

The Screw 1There are many tower blocks throughout the city which are very impresive, and many more currently under construction,¬†but my favourite has to be the building known locally as ‘The Screw’


It is actually called ‘The Revolution Tower’ and is owned by a property management group.


However¬†to me it looks like the results of a particularly drunken game of Jenga, where people’s unsteady hands came up with the twisted creation.


The Screw 2From directly underneath it the view is even more striking.

I wonder what it is like to work there.

They have probably missed a trick by not attaching helter skelter styled fire escape to the outside edges.

Leaving work for the day would never be more fun!




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