Great White SharkI am very sad to report that another surfer has been killed by a Great White Shark in Western Australia. The attack happened a very short distance from where I was surfing at Smiths Beach and Yallingup just a few weeks ago. 

During this year I have spoken to many surfers from that part of the world and still cannot understand how they can so readily enter the water there. Cahn, our surf guide in the Mentawai Islands, told me that he has lost three friends to shark attacks but still goes into the sea!

Board BiteI have joked about angry fish for most of my trip, but the ocean in certain parts of the world is no laughing matter. I will freely admit to being at the very least nervous (but more honestly scared) for the whole time I was in the water over there, and now you know why. I couldn’t enjoy myself in the ocean with such an ever present threat and certainly wouldn’t paddle out there again.

It is a terrible tragedy and I send my condolences to the victim’s family and friends.




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