My Home Break

I am expecting this to be the most upsetting wave along the way. Had a very busy but lovely two months being pampered by my Mum in North Wales before leaving on my travels. We enjoyed a lovely walk with Hugo along the sea front at Llanduno before I left, which is where I grew up and my home break. Lovely day and a wonderful image to take away with me. I was sent on my way with lots of love and a packed lunch like I was going on a school trip to Conwy Castle. Quite sad to be leaving.

My apologies to all those I didn’t get to spend as much time with as I would have liked to before departing. So much admin, one loft conversion, one garage clearance, one mototorbike sale, a neverending chase of the dog around the house, one disposal of milk bottle collection, moving my entire life in and out of storage, and Vodafone failing in every regard to do what they said they would do all cost me loads of time, which impacted on the goodbye time. Sadly Vodafone is an ongoing battle.
Anyway I am on the road! Watch out world here I come.




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