Inside EkasThis picture shows the wave at Inside Ekas on one of the few occasions it was actually showing at high tide whilst I was in the area.

However after days of waiting for a swell which was supposed to arrive I can’t wait any longer. I was heading off later in the day and decided to try my luck in the small waves which were showing at low tide.

DCIM100GOPROTo get to them I put on the reef boots I had bought in the resort shop and walked down the steps from the resort to the beach and then around the base of the cliffs, before paddling out into the water over the reef.

As you can see here some of the rocks in the water are bigger than others so you still need to keep your wits about you on the way out and particularly once you are up and riding.

The waves themselves were only about thigh high at best so nothing too challenging, and the handful of us who couldn’t resist were soon joined in the water by a boat load of beginners which had travelled around the coast from the next bay.

WipeoutI got some pictures of me riding these waves but there really wasn’t anything special about them so I have opted for this one of me after a wipe-out instead, because it shows both how clear the water is here and also how close or how far you might describe me from being to the reef when getting rolled over it.

I stayed in here for well over an hour due to the wave starvation of the previous few days, but was happy to get out when there was a better offer.




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