DCIM101GOPROWhilst still in the water at Inside Ekas I am met by most of the Wise Men who are passing in the boat which has managed to get out across the reef.

They want to see if a better wave is on offer at Outside Ekas. Now you may think I surfed this two breaks ago. It is indeed the same break, but I was several hundred metres further out to sea and a cove further on, so I was surfing entirely different waves and I’m claiming it as such rather than failing to correct my grammar.

DCIM102GOPROThe last time I got in the water at Outside Ekas it was practically the shore break of the beach in front of Ocean Heaven, but the boat took us all far closer to the entrance of the bay.

As you can see the Gopro which had already spent two hours in the water was completely fogged under the hot sun. There were loads of waves showing upon arrival and we all piled over the side of the boat.

Outside EkasI bagged this beauty early in the session and caught a few more like it but as the tide came in everything seemed to stop breaking.

I needed to get back and pack, so after getting stung by something which I didn’t see but wrapped itself all up my arm I had had enough.

To be fair I hadd been in the water for more than three hours by this stage today and having bagged both the main breaks in the bay in one session was happy to move on.




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