Venice Beach DayI head back to Venice Beach keen to get a wave at this famous beach, however the surf is naff. Knee high short period waves with a strong onshore wind, making the water very choppy and the time in the water quite miserable because the wind will cut through my wetsuit.

I procrastinate for ages and enjoy wandering along the promenade and having a bite to eat in one of the seafront cafes. Sitting there I am watching the hawkers, performers, and vendors going about their day with skateboarders slaloming through them all. There was nobody working out at muscle beach, which was a tad disappointing, but is the reason for this post missing that obligatory short of the area.

Venice SurfersI eventually went in for about half an hour just to bag the break but this picture which was taken after I had gotten out shows how uninspiring the surf was even if the sunset behind it was epic.


Venice HandballOn the plus side I am already a quarter of the way to my target of 80 waves and am only two months into my trip, which gave me a happy feeling while I was watching these guys playing handball and others shooting hoops on the basketball courts made famous in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’




8 Responses to “Wave 20 – Venice Beach, Los Angeles County, California”

  1. Matt says:

    Who? The surfer or Jonesy? Loving the updates Rob. Helps manage the insipid January!

    • Rob says:

      Glad you like. Great to hear from you too. It is a solitary existence so great to get any word from home. Not that I’m complaining mind.

  2. Mark Jones says:

    You’ll be getting no sympathy from here pal! Really enjoying the blog fella, but pull your finger out. 2 days since last post. I’d also like more bikini shots, but don’t do anything illegal.

    • Rob says:

      Every time I move I have a fresh set of IT issues. My smartphone, the 10 year old laptop, countless wifi connection issues. It is becoming a major pain in the arse and crap IT issues are exactly what I came away from the UK to escpae from.
      I do try to update regularly but sometimes it just doesn’t work so when I get a signal I always update as much as I can.
      Need to get further south for bikinis dude. Most americans think that it is freezing this time of year. I am the only person apart from Bart Simpson-esque skateboarders who is wearing shorts at the moment.

  3. Neil Stafford says:

    Keep away from muscle beach Rob…you wouldn’t want to put them to shame! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      I thought about showing off my firepower, but didn’t fancy the fake tan causing a sunlight dazzling incident as it refracts through the curve of my belly.

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