Chacahua Beach4As soon as we have sorted boards for Lisa and Steven we all paddle out into the water. There are two rock breakwaters at the entrance to the lagoon and the waves are breaking off them. Thankfully there is no sign of any of the local salt water crocodiles, who must be too busy fishing in the lagoon behind the beach. I had enough things to worry about already with just the angry fish!


Throughout a very weird session I only bag one right at the very start of the session, and then one left at the very end, both of which were nearly 30 seconds long.

This is my picture of the day on the left which is a fantastic shot as you can see, but the waves were very few and far between.

Chacahua Beach2At times it was a bit over crowded on the little peak that was working because of the crowd of international surfers who are staying there or like us visiting for the day, which seems ridiculous when you see how big and empty the beach was. The was also a horrible backwash going out to sea off the beach that kept ruining the incoming waves by alternatively cancelling them out and doubling them in size, which made the waves really bumpy.

Iguana Seller2However we all have a fun session and are enjoying victory beers and some local seafood, when this little cherub turns up selling something he has caught, cooked and prepared.

It is an iguana he killed using a sling shot and a rock. Lisa buys some and insists we all try it, so because it was her birthday I dive in and take a big bite.

Apart from the bones, and in particular the spine which he hadn’t bothered to remove during the cooking process, it tasted really good in the sauce he had prepared and the meat was a bit like chicken. I am just hoping I dont end up with Iguana-rreah after eating it.


Hammock NapThis wonderful meal, the earlier surf session and then a few more beers in the heat of the sun later is all a bit much for me so it is time for a nap.

Sweet Dreams! x





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