DCIM101GOPROMy car is not really suited to the beach roads around here so Dave offers to give me a lift on the back of his quad bike to the beaches at the next town along the coast.

It is ok though because as well as my board shorts I have my flip flops for protection whilst balancing side saddle on the back with my 7’10” under my arm trying to avoid oncoming traffic on the main road.

We get to the beach unscathed and Dave is happy to hang around while I notch up the forty seventh break of my trip. 


There are a few people in the water but I quickly notch up a handfull of rides going left and right in the shoulder high waves.

Aware that Dave is waiting to give me a lift back and conscious of all the tourists piling into the water on the shore as the sun gets lower in the sky I catch one more ride in to the beach very pleased with my little afternoon session. 

RobberThe only other thing to report is that some toe rag nicked my flip flops from the beach when Dave’s back was turned.

This meant I had to ride back to The Green Rooms barefooted on the back of the quad bike.

I hope they like my flip flops, but in all honesty knowing my own feet even I wouldn’t want them second hand!!!




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