DCIM101GOPROA few more snaps of my time at Pavones because I surfed it so many times once the swell had arrived.

I’m not going to say much because as ever I am having IT issues, the latest of which is the electrical supply in my room does not work, so I cannot easily charge up my computer, which has itself decided separately not to allow me to use the USB ports anymore, making the charging in turn of my phone, Go Pro, etc practically impossible!!!! The computer’s days are numbered, it just doesnt know it yet!

DCIM102GOPROI hope the pictures speak for themselves! A word of explanation on this one though.

The wave breaks so quickly here you really have to build up as much speed as possible to try and link up the different sections. Even then it will often catch you up and break on top of the board, which has a very similar effect to having a rug ripped out from under your feet.




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