WP_20130629_015It is the weekend and because like normal people with work commitments he is unable to go surfing during the week my old flat mate from London Chris has picked me up in order to go to the beach.

We check out quite a few breaks in the pouring rain (still without a raincoat! #$%&!!!) and all of them have pretty poor surf conditions, so having exhausted our options we opt for Bilgola Beach where there is some shelter from the wind in the bay.

Whilst we are getting ready I manage to finally get a picture of me with my new board and its lop-sided wax job, which has since been addressed.

WP_20130629_005The surf is a bit rubbish everywhere today, and Bilgola was really just the best of a bad bunch. the bay itself is pretty cool though and the cliffs at the north end are lined with fantastic houses overlooking the bay.

As you can see I still haven’t attached my camera to the board because other technical issues had been taking up all my time, which means that I don’t have any pictures to share with you of the few waves I caught here.

WP_20130629_008I have to say I wasn’t all that comfortable whilst in the water at this beach because before getting in we had looked at a number of seals which were relaxing in the designated seal resting area on the beach.

For the whole time I was in the water it struck me that any shark which knows the local area (and they generally do) might think that a beach where tired seals (and therefore an easy meal) can be found might represent a fast food option in the same way McDonald’s does for humans.

I didn’t need too much persuading to get out as a consequence.




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