Angourie Beach 2We wake up early at the caravan park in Yamba and head the short way down the road to Angourie Point.

It is one of the surfing reserves that have been established here in Australia. The waves are breaking along the rock shelf under the water and there is quite a crowd competing for each waves that rolls through.

HumpbacksMore impressive than any of the waves are the mother and calf humpback whales that were swimming past in the sea just beyond the point.

There is a small crowd at the top of the cliffs watching the whales and it is surprising just how close to the surfers they are. Nothing more than a twenty second paddle.

Surfing FundamentalsThe break here is home to Nat Young who is a legend in the surfing world, and wrote the Surfing Fundamentals book which enabled me to progress from useless to not very good many years ago.

I regret this later but don’t feel like going in to the waves here. It looked too crowded for what was on offer and given the rock shelf I would have been surfing over I wasn’t tempted enough at the time.

I wasn’t feeling too good either after a rough night in which the seafood at Gorman’s disagreed with me but should really have taken my tally of waves into the nineties though.┬áMust try harder!




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